Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What kind of food do cavoodles like best?

A couple of weeks before we picked up Buddy, the breeder, Annie sent us a good summary of how to feed and care for our new puppy. This was a great help so that we could start buying in the supplies that we would need.

Annie uses the "Evolutionary Diet" or "BARF" diet with her dogs. Dr Ian Billinghurst developed this diet, believing that processed diets are just as bad for dogs as they are for people.

You can read the Barf Philosophy or Dr Billinghurt's website. We decided it was a good idea to follow this approach.

PS Buddy loves the Barf dog food, he also enjoys left-overs, especially roast dinners, but chicken necks are his very favorite. He wont eat canned dog food, probably because he is so clever he knows it isn't good for him.

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