Friday, September 21, 2007

Buddy's first trip to the beach

Here is buddy on his first trip to the off-leash beach. He wasn't too keen on getting his feet wet today. But we are hoping that once he gets used to the surf that he will go in a bit further.

We try to give Buddy a good balance of off-leash and on-leash exercise. At most off-leash parks and beaches there are other dogs to play with so it is good chance to socialize too.

As you can see from the photo, Butterscotch really loves his ball!


Liza S. said...

Buddy is gorgeous! I'm not sure if you're in Australia or not, but you have a link to an Australian site in your sidebar so I'm hoping yes :D Would you possibly be able to recommend any cavalier king charles x poodle breeders in Western Australia? My boyfriend and his family have been searching for a breeder for a while and we can't find anyone!

Butterscotch & family said...

Hi Liza,
yes he is gorgeous (we think so)!

The breeder we got him from is Annie, she lives in the Eastern States but she will transport her pups to other places.(I'm not sure about WA)

I think you will find that even with the cost of transport that getting a puppy from Annie, or another reliable breeder, is still better value. It is also more reliable in terms of health and personality of the dog you will end up with.

Annie can be contacted at

Best of luck!

Chipper said...

I love him!